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 Upon further Review..... #29 has been blackflagged

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PostSubject: Upon further Review..... #29 has been blackflagged   Wed May 01, 2013 9:45 pm

Upon further review of the video tapes, Nascar has cleared the #3 team of any wrong doing in this matter and has instead blackflagged the #29 team for their blatant attempt to block the #3 from making a clean pass on the inside, forcing the #3 below the yellow line in an attempt to avoid a wreck. As if that wasn't bad enough, the #29 continued its attempt to pinch down on the #3 and ultimatley caused a wreck which unfortunately collected the #88 which was running in a solid 3rd place at the time. See the below ruling for clarification.

“It’s very clear in the drivers meeting what the yellow line is about,” Letarte added. “You can’t go down
there with the intent to improve your position and you can’t force someone down there with the intent to defend your

Nascar has further decided that this move by the #29 can be officially ruled as "asshatery" which is one level above "tom

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Upon further Review..... #29 has been blackflagged
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