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 Which Buildings to loot

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PostSubject: Which Buildings to loot   Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:10 pm

n DayZ, your character is getting hungry constantly and your time is valuable. There are many buildings you want to loot, but also quite a few you don't want to waste your time with. In this guide I'll go over my favorite buildings to loot and I'll try to give notes that I find helpful.
Please note that I don't know the official building names(if any), so I will be calling them what I know them as. Feel free to leave a comment if I miss anything or any buildings and I can add to this guide later. I hope this helps anyone out there looking for a little guidance.
Another note, I recommend using RES(Reddit Enhancement Suite) with this post, It will save you a lot of time when looking at all the images.
Also All these images were taken in Berizino[1] 
, Great place for loot!


  • Med House [2] 
     - Always has a medical supply in it! Also spawns food, melee weapons, backpacks, gun parts... Be sure to check the back room in this house as well (although as of last update it hasn't had loot in it)
  • Corner Pub [3] 
     - Another great building, spawns everything! Be sure to go upstairs (in the doorway on the road) and check all the rooms up there, I have found guns a few times.
  • Apartment Fronts [4] 
     - All of these buildings are great. Again, You can find everything here, even weapons occasionally. The blue door ones have stairs that go up and you'll find loot all the way to the top,BUT the rooms the make loud steeping noises also have stairs and you shouldn't bother going up those(still check ground floor for all though).
  • Piano House [5] 
     - Probably the best building to loot, Spawns melee weapons on the piano, and guns on the shelving unit across from the piano. Also spawns rice and other great food! Make sure to check the room upstairs for things like more food and ammo.
  • Factory [6] 
     - Looks similar to the Piano House, but you'll notice it is longer. This building will spawn ammo in the large machine room, but be sure to also check upstairs [7] 
    , I have found guns there as well.
  • Double Decker Green [8] 
     & Double Decker Red [9] 
     - These two story houses with double doors spawn food and clothing items.
  • Double Decker Peach [10] 
     - Doesn't have an upstairs, but great for loot as well.
  • Grocery Store [11] 
     - Spawns Food and melee weapons and ammo.
  • Road Side Kiosks [12] 
     - There are a few styles of these (the one pictured is actually the gas station kiosk). But they all have similar designs. They all may spawn food inside, BUT some of them have ladders in the back to go on the roof, where you will find guns!
  • Two Tone Brown [13] 
     - Check that awning for food.
  • Ugly Yellow [14] 
     - Thanks to CaptainFiddlebottom & belGician for the suggestion & screen! - All around great for all loot.
  • Skinny Green [15] 
     -Moved from the no loot section, thanks bengalo & x_Sligh_x - Spawns general items and med supplies.
  • Skinny Beige [16] 
     - Check the downstairs for food, but don't bother going upstairs.
  • Rasta [17] 
     Houses [18] 
     - Not the best, but they do spawn food.
  • Peach House [19] 
     - Spawns food as well and ammo, gun part, and clothes.
  • Train Station [20] 
     - This one is only in a couple cities I believe, but spawns the rare "Press Vest". Also spawns food.
  • Hanger [21] 
     - Spawns clothes, and gun parts, maybe melee weapons as well?
  • School(Small) [22] 
     - Check every room for food and medical supplies, BUT the guns spawn in the top floor closet(make sure to look behind that door). Also check the top roof [23] 
     where ammo and speedloaders AND Weapons spawn on the rim of that ledge.
  • School(Large) aka Office [24] 
     - Thanks for the pic Atanar - Amazing for loot. Weapons spawn in the stair case as well as in the halls, look carefully, that mosin can really blend in with those benches.
  • Hospital [25] 
     - Spawns, well, medical supplies of course! I don't go here often so someone else can confirm any other notes on this building and I'll add to this.
  • Construction Building [26] 
     - BACKPACKS! Though not as many since last update, you should still head straight here for a backpack if you can. Also, check that top floor, around the Ledges [27] 
     for ammo and speedloaders.


Of Course with development, these house will change, but for now they are a waste of time.

  • Water Fountains [33] 
     - If you learn the locations of these, you will never need a water bottle or canteen. Spam 'F' on them until you get the notification that you feel full, or similar. Here is the map again, Showing only water pump locations.MAP[34] 

I hope this guide is helpful for anyone still learning how to gear up and loot efficiently. I would love any feedback (that isn't negative, I'm sensitive you know). And if you know of any other buildings that I should include (Like the larger school and firehouse) then I can always edit and add them later tonight (If you get the screenshot for me then big ups). Good luck surviving to everyone out there!
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Which Buildings to loot
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