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 Motion Sickness Thread on the Forums

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PostSubject: Motion Sickness Thread on the Forums   Wed Apr 22, 2015 3:33 pm

OP started as a 1PP thread but then turned into alot of discussion regarding motion sickness that some people (Karl) experience while playing in first person.

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DontTreadOnMe ~ Karl

DontTreadOnMe ~ Karl

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PostSubject: Re: Motion Sickness Thread on the Forums   Thu Apr 23, 2015 2:17 pm

Yeah - We've always played 1PP and I have headbob and postprocessing off. PP off definitely improved things but still not enough... I should do a FPS check and see if they are fluctuating real bad...I have Steam and  games on a SDD. My OS is still on a regular drive. Dont know if going all SDD's would help fps or not. I will have to turn fps on and log it to see if it's all over the place... thanks for the link Ram

Quote :
Also what I found was it's the instability of fps that is the main cause i.e. when you are going from 16 to 60 and back again. It's the jitter that causes it, for me anyway. Before I got ssds all I had to do is go to those apartments north of cherno for a while.
Again, I say that as someone who thought the motion sickness people were some sort of tiny minority with brain problems. It's a real thing and will affect all humans playing fps when they are dealing with jittering/low frame rates.

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Motion Sickness Thread on the Forums
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