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 Dev Update on ammo and vehicles......

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PostSubject: Dev Update on ammo and vehicles......   Thu Sep 24, 2015 3:51 pm

In short: Ammo for rifles will spawn more at the coast and a new type of transportation....:

For 0.59 we'll begin experimenting with making civilian firearms a little more prevalent, and ammunition will begin to be more of a rarity. The desired effect being that ammunition itself will have an increased value, so that the decision to take that shot has more factors to it. That said, loose ammunition types that are used by civilian weapons as well as military have had their potential loot spawns expanded so it can be found throughout Chernarus. (7.62x39 for the IZH, 45 ACP for the 1911, and so on) 

Issues with duplication, and magazine quantity manipulation have been identified and are being resolved, and NATO military gear will be moving out of the Quonset Hut Barracks and back to their proper NATO chopper crash spawns. 

The art team is working on finalizing the upcoming Enduro Dirtbike model, which will hopefully be joining the vehicle distribution in 0.60. This vehicle will probably be our most accessible type, but like all other vehicles will need the proper parts, and operational fluids to maintain and use. 
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Dev Update on ammo and vehicles......
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