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 .60 PAX East video synopsis by some guy

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PostSubject: .60 PAX East video synopsis by some guy   Sun Apr 24, 2016 12:11 pm

Here are some notes I took during the stream:

  • Brian said at the beginning he was hoping to encounter a thunderstorm. They didnt though

  • Ammo and attachments can spawn with weapons (sporter with hunting scope was found)

  • You can only drop items from your inventory via the small dashed square ("vicinity") or at the far left/right of the screen (outside of the inventory interface area) at the moment

  • You can carry backpacks in your hands

  • Backpacks can spawn with items inside

  • The M4 and AK101 are back (spawning again)

  • Landmine spawns again

  • Bolt cycling is in (manual reload)

  • 500-600 infected spawn around the whole map

  • More Infected models and clothing (Dean Hall Infected, Firefighter Infected...)

  • Infected can climb/jump over obstacles (fences, walls...)

  • Tisy base is there but far from completed

  • Optics for FAL

And now for the sad "not in 0.60/this build" part:

  • No infected areas yet

  • No predator animals in 0.60

  • No new vehicles in 0.60

  • No new weapons in 0.60

  • New infected spawner not activated (in THIS build at least)

  • The added sky lift is not functional (and it didnt sound as if its supposed to be in the future)

  • Prison building wont have loot again until player controller is added

Regarding experimental release blockers:

  • One blocker for experimental was showcased: Loot-plosion in a certain type of building

  • Many Infected were missing textures (they were all grey). Now thats not really game-breaking, but was mentioned as a critical issue nonetheless

  • Another known blocker was mentioned: Loot initial spawn and clean-up working properly, but (sometimes) not the loot respawn. This was probably visible on stream as well when they entered Kamyshovo (east of Elektro) and not a single item was to be found in the whole town

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.60 PAX East video synopsis by some guy
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