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 Orlando Shooting

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PostSubject: Orlando Shooting   Thu Jul 21, 2016 2:12 pm

5-6 weeks before the Orlando shooting gun store reports the shooter's suspicious activities to the FBI and refuses to sell firearms - http://abcnews.go.com/US/orlando-shooter-turned-gun-store-suspicious/story?id=39901107

3-4 weeks after which Obama makes this comment during a Q&A at a townhall meeting - Jun 2, 2016 - 10 days BEFORE the Orlando shooting.... SKIP TO THE 1:50 MARK

Was the person Obama was referencing the Orlando shooter 10 days before the shooting? Was this allowed to happen to push the gun agenda?

June 12,

2:02 am Orlando police receive the first notification that shots have been fired at Pulse nightclub.

2:03 am Orlando fire crews are called on reports of multiple shots fired but are told to go no farther than Orange Avenue and Gore Street (more than half a mile north of the club) because of an active shooter.

2:04 am Two backup Orlando police officers arrive but do not enter the club.

2:08 am Belle Isle police Officer Brandon Cornwell and five or six other officers broke through a large glass window and entered the club.

2:18 am Officers report over radio that their shields won't stop the shooter's rifle fire.

2:18 am OPD SWAT initiates full call-out.

2:20 am A 911 caller inside the Pulse bathroom says the shooter, who is also in the bathroom, is "loading up."

2:22 am Officers report over radio that they have contained the shooter in the back of the club.

2:35 am Lemieux said he heard fellow Officer Brandon Cornwell over the radio saying the shooter was barricaded in the bathroom.

2:45 am Lemieux says Cornwell comes out of the club after being relieved by SWAT members. That's when Cornwell and Belle Isle police officer Jon-Paul Gargano start pulling out victims from the club.


5:53 am Pulse Shooting: The shooter inside the club is dead.

(full time lapse here - http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/pulse-orlando-nightclub-shooting/os-orlando-pulse-nightclub-shooting-timeline-htmlstory.html)

At 2:35 the 6 officers that entered the nightclub had the shooter barricaded in the bathroom - but at 2:45 are relieved by SWAT and pull out of the building - no one ever went in after that. They waited until around 5:15 to breach the outer wall and end enter.

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Posts : 299
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PostSubject: Re: Orlando Shooting   Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:32 pm

Orlando Terror Attack ‘Triggered’ by Pentagon Drone Strike FBI withheld phone transcripts revealing Mateen’s motive

Quote :
The domestic terrorist behind the Orlando nightclub massacre was motivated by a Pentagon drone strike in Iraq a month before the shooting, according to police transcripts made public last week.

Conversations between Omar Mateen and an Orlando police negotiator on June 12 were kept secret by FBI and local police until Friday. The secrecy contributed to misleading media accounts of the terrorist’s motives in the days after the killings.

The transcripts were released by Orlando police Friday after a Florida court hearing held in response to a lawsuit filed by several news organizations.

During an exchange in the early morning hours of June 12, an Orlando Police Department negotiator identified only as “Andy” asked Mateen, who was speaking by cell phone from inside the club, to tell him what was going on.

“Yo, the air strike that killed Abu Wahid a few weeks ago… that’s what triggered it, okay?” said Mateen, who earlier in the conversation identified himself as a follower the Islamic State terror group.

“They should have not bombed and killed Abu Wahid,” the former security guard declared. “Do your fucking homework and figure out who Abu Wahid is, okay?”

Initial reports from several news outlets reporting on the mass shooting variously described Mateen as gay, a “homophobe” and a “wife beater,” despite his having made claims of allegiance to the Islamic State.

US kills Islamic State’s military emir for Anbar province

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Orlando Shooting
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