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 Switching between Stable and Experimental

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PostSubject: Switching between Stable and Experimental   Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:50 pm

So here's an easy step by step guide to swap from Stable to Experimental and vice-versa without any issues, "As Long As You Follow It Correctly!" Once you have done it once or twice it will take you less than 2mins to do, seriously.
I'm going to base this guide on you having Stable installed currently, but if you have Experimental installed the guide is the same, just change the names accordingly.

Stage 1: This part of the guide only needs to be done once.

[*]Open your "SteamApps\common" folder. In there you will have 1 folder named DayZ.

[*]Copy the DayZ folder and Paste it into SteamApps\Common, so you end up with 2 DayZ folders, both identical.

[*]Rename the copied folder "DayZ Stable" or to something you will recognise. You should now have 2 folders, 1 - DayZ and 1 - DayZ Stable.

[*]Now open Steam, right click on DayZ in your Library, select Properties, then Betas, finally select Experimental, then click Close. This will immediately start downloading the Exp update.

[*]Once the download in complete, your DayZ folder is now your Experimental folder.

[*]Now back to "SteamApps\Common" and rename your DayZ folder to DayZ Experimental. Now you will have 1 folder named DayZ Stable and 1 named DayZ Experimental - And "ZERO" folders named DayZ.

Stage 2: This is the part you need to do each time you want to swap versions.

[*]You can now select which version you want to play. So lets say you want to play Stable.

[*]Open SteamApps\Common and make 100% sure you have "ZERO" folders named DayZ. Only folders named "DayZ Stable" and "DayZ Experimental"

[*]Next, go to Steam and right click on DayZ in your Library, then click "Delete Local Content". This will uninstall DayZ. BUT, you do not have a DayZ folder so it will Not delete anything, don't worry. This will only take 1 or 2 seconds because there is nothing for it to delete.

[*]Go back to "SteamApps\Common", then rename your DayZ Stable folder to DayZ.

[*]Go to Steam, right click on DayZ in your Library, select Properties, then Betas, and select Opt out of Betas, then click Close.

[*]Now click Install, followed by clicking Next twice to allow Steam to reinstall DayZ. Steam will say "Discovering Existing Files" and will immediately start to install it. This will take 15-20secs on an SSD or 1-2mins on a HDD.

[*]Once it's installed..... That's It! Job done, go play

[*]When you want to swap to Experimental, just follow the same procedure. Open "SteamApps\Common" and rename your DayZ folder back to DayZ Stable, so you have ZERO folders named DayZ.

[*]Right click DayZ in Steam, delete local content. Once finished, right click on DayZ in your Library, Properties, Betas, then Experimental, Close.

[*]Now rename your DayZ Experimental folder to DayZ, and click install in Steam. Job done.

[Edit] - If you currently have Stable installed and a new Experimental update is released and you want to swap to it. Do "NOT" rename, uninstall and swap the folders. Simply follow stage 1 again.
Copy and paste your stable folder so you have 2 copies, then simply right click on DayZ within Steam and click properties and select Experimental. Allow Steam to download the Exp update and overwrite the original DayZ folder. Once downloaded, you now have the copy you made of stable and the new Exp folder.
It's the same process for if you have Exp installed and a Stable update is released. Copy and paste the Exp folder and swap within Steam to download the new update for stable, allowing it to overwrite the folder.
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Switching between Stable and Experimental
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